Magento Cache [LiteMage]

 May 20th

This new Magento extension easily integrates Magento stores with LiteSpeed Web Server’s superior ESI support — delivering the world’s most powerful Magento caching. Hole Punching Taken to the Next Level Page caching is the most powerful way to bypass Magento’s heavy architecture and speed up slow pages, but Magento pages are notoriously ... Read More »

Connectivity issues [SOLVED]

 May 13th

We currently experience connectivity issues in our AMS-11 data centre (Schuberg Philis). We are investigating the issue with the highest priority. Once more information becomes available, will we provide you with an update via this page.[Update1 - 09:00 (CEST)]: Connectivity should have been restored for most affected prefixes. Currently are we ... Read More »

PHP Selector !

 Jun 27th

We are trilled to announce PHP Selector. PHP Selector allows end users to select PHP version as well as PHP modules that user wants to use.Inside cPanel, User will be able to change PHP version they would have:as well as extensions that they want to use:and php.ini settings: At this time we support the following PHP versions: - 5.3/native ; this ... Read More »

Service Interruption

 Feb 23rd

On the 23rd of February 2013 there will a short disruption in our database services. This disruption will affect ALL of the services we provide. The maintenance is planned between - 00:00 - 01:00 CEST.As InterServed is growing, we decided to migrate from MySQL to MariaDB which is a drop-in replacement that will facilitate improved database ... Read More »

Service interruption

 Aug 11th

We will have emergency maintenance on one of our servers tonight.MAINTENANCE TIMES: 12-08-2012 BETWEEN 00:00 CET ~ 02:00. Expected downtime at least 30 minutes.Reason for this maintenance is a failed disk in our RAID-array and we are planning to replace it during the emergency maintenance. Our hosting backup facility has been activated in order to ... Read More »

Service interruption

 Jul 21st

On the 23rd of July 2011 there will a short disruption in our services. This disruption will affect ALL of the services we provided. The maintenance is planned between - 11:00 - 13:00 CEST. As InterServed is growing, we decided to add an additional switch to our network in order to guarantee redundancy. This switch will act as a secondary switch ... Read More »

IPv4 capacity upgrade

 Mar 4th

Dear clients,As you've probably all have noticed, all IPv4 ip-addresses are almost exhausted.This might cause problems in the future, as people will have to change to IPv6.In order to keep up our dedicated ip service, we are going to upgrade our IPv4 capacity.We have purchased a new ip block, and we are going to change our server IP-addresses ... Read More »

Service interruption [07/12/2010]

 Nov 7th

The InterServed servers have been interrupted from 09:30 - 14:20 GMT+2 (07/12/2010) due to a PDU-failure. The power distribution was interrupted, and that automatically shut our server down. InterServed has checked for any inconsistencies in the server hardware, and concluded that the RAID-controller protected the disks from any data ... Read More »

Comcast Scheduled Maintenance [05.19.2009]

 May 12th

Event ID: 4134 Date: 05.19.2009 Start time (CDT): 00:00 End time (CDT): 02:00 Services affected: 10G backbone link, Comcast Location: Dallas Duration: under 2 hours ================================================== Comcast will be performing fiber maintenance on 5/19/09 starting at 00:00 CDT at our Dallas peering location. The expected impact ... Read More »

Verio Emergency Network Maintenance [10/02/2008]

 Oct 2nd

Date: 10/02/2008 Start time (UTC): 07:00:00 End time (UTC): 10:00:00 Services affected: Verio #2 10G on cer02.dal01 Location: Dallas, TX Duration: 3 hours ================================================== Verio has scheduled an emergency maintenance window to upgrade code on their router. Maintenance Date: 10/02/2008 0700 to 10/02/2008 1000 ... Read More »