Interserved has been growing exponentially in the past years, providing more and more services to and for you, the client. With growth like we have established at Interserved especially in the past two years, we've been looking to upgrade our service capacity (hardware, power upgrades, connectivity upgrades everything that comes with it). Especially in the last months we sadly had to conclude that we have outgrown our datacenter. There is no more capacity in terms of power lines and connectivity.
We've though long and hard, but the only way we can guarantee service for you and your applications is by upgrading Interserved and moving to another data center. This is a decision that we haven't made lightly, and we've been analyzing all possible outcomes. We have decided to move our servers into a new suite in a different datacenter that allows for healthy growth with many options for later expansion.
Interserved is moving from the AMS-11 datacenter in Schiphol-Rijk (NL) to AMS-01 in Haarlem (NL) - physical distance is 15 miles. The datacenter is operated by the same company, but there are many more technicians available in this datacenter, as well as more room for expansion in terms of connectivity and power lines. The move for us in inevitable if we want to keep offering our services at the level you have come to expect from us.
What does this mean for you?
We are in the final process of planning the physical server move, but Interserved will be physically moving between the 25th and the 27th of July . The exact date will be communicated beforehand. The move will start at midnight and will be finished  and will take a maximum of 8 hours (AthensTimezone). As we own our own IP blocks there will be no ip-address changes, and your applications and websites should start working immediately after the servers are turned back on.
We will communicate the exact move date before the 25th of July, to make sure you are up to date.
Update3[26 July 2018]: Maintenance has been completed.
Update2[24 July 2018]: We expect the start the maintenance (lift&shift) on the 25th of July 2018 midnight.
Update1[22 July 2018]: We expect the start the maintenance (lift&shift) on the 24th of July 2018 midnight.
Frequently asked questions:
What does this bring me as a customer?
For now you won't feel a difference. If you want to expand your hosting (say tenfold), we'll have the options to provide in our new location, where our old location was almost running at maximum capacity. 
Will I incur any downtime?
If you don't have a failover at another location / host, you will incur a maximum of eight (8) hours of downtime.
Why is there a downtime?
The sheer size of the move (we're moving EVERYTHING) means we cannot move in phases. This is why we'll all be suffering a planned downtime.
How does my SLA apply to this downtime?
Since this is regular (planned) maintenance, your SLA does not apply.
Will my applications be offline from 25-27th of july?
No, your applications will be down for a maximum of 8 hours on one of the dates in that date range. We'll let you know the exact date and time as we get assigned a time slot.
What will you be doing exactly?
We will disconnect all servers, routers, switches, pdu's  in our racks and transport them to the new datacenter. We will set up our racks there, configure routing and connectivity, reconnect everything, and have your hosting up in running in eight hours.
My (web) application is business critical and CANNOT go offline, what are my options?
Our move comes with a mandatory downtime. If your application is business critical and cannot go offline, contact us at to discuss options.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

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